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... precisely why I switched to Internet business, and the design of our business I entrusted to people who are experienced and have more than 10 years of successful engagement in IT-industry, and most important they have experience in real world, not just in classrooms...
... thank you guys for the effort and help in solving problems that arrived on the way...

Ivan S.

Website Optimization SEO

You have web pages but no one has heard of them?
You want to be in top search engines results (,,
Are you bothered with thoughts why someone is in front of you on google for no apparent reason?

... let's start from the beginning!

Nobody is in front of you for no reason! There is no golden rule on how to optimize your WEB site! Nobody can guarantee you first place in or even among top 10 anywhere! If you think somebody can, then please contact them, because we are trying to do our job honestly and thoroughly, and we do not give promises that no one can fulfill.

What we offer to our customers is SEO website optimization for better placement on the search engines, and in most cases, our customers are in first 3 positions in those search engines, almost always among the top 10, but we do not charge for positioning, what we charge is correction of errors in program code, and it is usually the best way for Web site optimization and SEO Internet.

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