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... precisely why I switched to Internet business, and the design of our business I entrusted to people who are experienced and have more than 10 years of successful engagement in IT-industry, and most important they have experience in real world, not just in classrooms...
... thank you guys for the effort and help in solving problems that arrived on the way...

Ivan S.


CRONETIK is independent project of enthusiast and volunteers from Europe and rest of the world.

This project was created and currently is being run by IT professionals that earned they knowledge and prove they abilities in more then 15 years of active usage of Internet, developing WEB application and Internet Hosting.

Whole of project grow from the fact that most of similar projects in fact do not give to their users what they really need. is different from similar "endeavors" by its professional approach, long term experience and trust that was given to us by our partners.


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