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... precisely why I switched to Internet business, and the design of our business I entrusted to people who are experienced and have more than 10 years of successful engagement in IT-industry, and most important they have experience in real world, not just in classrooms...
... thank you guys for the effort and help in solving problems that arrived on the way...

Ivan S.

How to charge for a WEB desing?

When we in early nineties as the pioneers of the Internet in this part of Europe began to deal with creating web pages for the market, practically there was no need for this type of service, but eventually Internet market developed and awareness among people about importance of the Internet in daily business and life grew as well as importance of quality of web pages (web pages or web design).

As in any business where demand is big also large offer appears, and in today's market you can find millions of serious but also frivolous "website maker" who will often for two or three beautifully arranged color plus a few more "flash animation" charge their services in thousands while their customers while get only beautiful, but unfortunately not meaningful Internet sites.
According to our research over 80% of WEB design client's pay for their web sites more than they really need, but what is the worst in all that is that they do not even get what they ordered and really need!

It is for this reason that we recommend to all potential users to start with WEB pages that they really need, not with some fancy WEB design that in the end mean for example that Veterinary Clinic ends up with Web pages more suitable for a nightclub and at the end in total looks ridicules.

With every web design we give to all customers free of charge:
- Internet Hosting (basic package of 12 months)
- Free internet domain for 12 months

For users who feel that their business requires purposeful and well-visited web sites, we recommend that you contact us at and explain your wishes that we can give you a price that will for sure be pleasant surprise for you.

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